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.The painting portrays two young men, deeply engaged with each other, but words don’t seem to pass their lips. One of them is playing a string instrument, his face turned to his companion. His central position within the image frame accentuates his importance within the image. A ray of sunlight captures the bright red colour of his rich garment, while leaving the identity of his face illusive by a shadow. His hands are just about to hit a cord on the strings and are the only parts of his body that are granted illumination.

Between the two men and the spectator the painter positioned two female graces. One is leaning with her right hand on the edge of a stone basin, in which she is just about to pour the water from a transparent jug, held in her other hand. The second figure is seated, facing the two men with her back to the spectator. Supported by her left arm she delicately holds a flute in her right hand. The scene describes a moment that is charged with anticipation: it is clear that the two youngsters didn’t come up with a suitable composition yet. As a mythological representation of Inspiration, the seated female patiently waits for her cue to play. The figure at the basin is just about to release her water – representing the Source of Creation. Nevertheless, up until now, that moment lies still in the future.

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